China Light Vehicle Production January till May 2015 – further slow down towards the 'new normal'

Based on the production figures of the first 5 months we can observe a further slow down in car production in the Chinese market. Overall growth just around 5% compared to the same time frame of last year. A big part in this development is due to the very slow growth in the Sedan market, even shrinking by -3% in this segment.

It seems that it is all about SUVs now in China. Record growth of 49% in this segment, however the overall volume is of course significantly lower than the Sedan segment. Interestingly Chinese OEMs do very well at the moment due to the boom in the SUV segment. Almost every COEM has an extensive SUV portfolio offering, thus able to grow way faster (+103%) than their IOEM counterparts (+14%) in this segment.

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source: CAAM




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