Uber's Phantom Cabs

uber.comRunning a company like Uber doesn’t simply mean to have a couple of drivers on the road and connecting them prospective customers. They use smart algorithms to try to handle the real-time data, adjust fares on demand, and try to attract drivers to regions with high demand.

All that of course while trying to achieve a maximum coverage, and not being outsmarted by passengers and drivers trying to achieve the maximum of personal gain.

An interesting article on Motherboard describes those challenges and might be able to explain why what you see in your Uber app is not necessarily the full truth.


Uber’s access to real-time information about where passengers and drivers are has helped make it one of the most efficient and useful apps produced by Silicon Valley in recent years. But if you open the app assuming you’ll get the same insight, think again: drivers and passengers are only getting part of the picture.

Uber’s Phantom Cabs – motherboard.vice.com

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