Disrupt yourself

Interesting interview with Ford CEO Mark Fields on looking into new business models and making the company ready for the future. Ford has recently spun-off their next generation mobility services into a new company. More and more leading car OEs and suppliers are trying to leverage the environment in the  Silicon Valley in order to embrace change and explore new business fields. Disruption of an existing industry happens in most cases due to new entrants from the outside, and the classic players in the Automotive industry have to get ready.


Our approach is to first, disrupt ourselves. That’s why you see us creating things like Ford Smart Mobility, the LLC, creating FordPass, really thinking differently about this from a consumer-end standpoint. Thinking about experiences, and then how does technology, hardware, and software deliver that, as opposed to the other way around. I think we’re really disrupting ourselves.
Meet the new Ford, a Silicon Valley software company

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