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Growing Pains

Tesla stock dropped more than 5% after hours as Musk explained what had gone wrong in the making of the new Model 3, the company’s first affordably priced electric car. Investors had sensed something was awry a month earlier, when Tesla said it had only made 260 of the Model 3 last quarter, well below the nearly 2,000 it had forecasted; some reports said the bottleneck was due to the carmaker assembling the vehicle by hand.

Elon Musk Says This Is Tesla’s ‘Biggest Problem’


“Nine levels of production hell” are not unusual when you launch a new product. Especially if it is a product of such a scale never produced by the company before.

Faraday Future – a new Tesla competitor?

There was some media buzz during last weeks regarding a mysterious new billion-dollar EV company, operating out of a former Nissan site in California. The company called “Faraday Future” (FF) has assembled a strong leadership team consisting of former Tesla and BMW guys plus a couple of hundred other employees, and seems to be planning to launch a new EV vehicle around 2017.

First reports have indicated the possibility of Faraday Future being a dummy company for Apple’s EV project, given the lack of an known CEO and the seemingly extremely fast and high funding of the new company. A closer look at the incorporating documents has revealed, though, that FF’s chief executive is a partner of Jia Yuenting, founder of LeTV. Thus, Faraday Future is more likely to be the potential future home of LeTV’s SSE (Super Electric Eco-System) car project. This project is not just about the “old-economy” style “moving a car out to the dealer” type of business, but will try to treat the car more like a smart phone. Subscriptions, apps, car-sharing and other service revenue streams seem to be an integral part of the envisioned LeTV EV car project.

Production of New Energy Vehicles on the rise in China

Subsidies seem to have their effect on sales of electric cars in China. Buyers of pure electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel-cell electric vehicles enjoy significant incentives for their car purchase (for respective cars produced in China). Subsidies range from around 30,000 RMB for simple pure electric vehicles up to 180,000 RMB for fuel-cell electric vehicles.

This significant monetary incentives led to a production of over 50,000 vehicles in China until end of May 2015. The growth trend is rapid, yet still at low level in regards to overall production.

Subsidies are expected to continue as well next year in 2016, so the growth trend is unlikely to stop in the short-term.


Production of new energy vehicles in China until end of May 2015

Production of new energy vehicles in China until end of May 2015. Units


Source: CAAM